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About Us

Be strict for the sake of their future achievements, be fun for the sake of their well-being.

If you share the same vision about education, we enthusiastically welcome you aboard!

Emmanouella Christodoulou Foreign Languages Team

    • ECFL through the years

ECFL was established in 1991 by Emmanouella Christodoulou as an innovative educational setting which would embrace children and inspire them to learn and love the English language. Nowadays, this knowledge has become an integral skill for a future young job seeker and successful human being in general. Thus, it is the right of all children to have access to this knowledge and it is our duty to serve this need as efficiently as possible.

Through the years we have tried -and continue to do so- to enhance this ability of ours to become more and more effective and adaptable to the different personalities we encounter every year being aware of the fact that education never stops. Neither for our students, nor for us.

  • Vision

We envision the establishment of a mindset where the learning of the English Language is seen as a complete education discipline that triggers people to reach their full potential in life.

We are to transmit our core belief that we are an educational setting where all students reach their full educational potential and we are able to meet their needs at all times. We envision an expansion of our premises and facilitate as many students as possible in our own country.

  • Mission

Our Mission is to always be in tune with the changes in education and aware of the new scientific facts in children’s psychology and neurology. We are open to change, as we know that what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Consequently, we praise self-esteem and well being which results in learning.

  • Values

Teaching for us does not start in the classroom the time the lesson begins. It starts from inside. From our need to pass on our values to the next generations. From our faith that we can dream a future of hope, if we do it together. Through our constant training, enthusiastic preparation and the joy to communicate the knowledge. Through team-work, participation, commitment and the love we have for each single child. Because, after all, everything we do derives from the heart.

We are:   

Trustworthy crEative pAtient Caring acHievers rEsponsible Respectable inSpiring