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Position 2: English Language Teacher

Level a, b regular

We envision the establishment of a mindset where the learning of the English Language is seen as a complete education discipline that triggers people to reach their full potential in life.

Thus, we are looking for an English Language Teacher for our school, who will report directly to the Director of Studies and will be responsible for teaching English as a foreign language to a, b regular classes respectively including:

  • Lesson preparation

  • Teaching and classroom management

  • Reporting on performance and achieving set targets

  • Working with parents / guardians

  • Active involvement in business functions (e.g. team meetings) and extra curriculum activities

  • In-class procedures (e.g. FL teaching, keeping the class in order, assigning homework online)

Candidates should have:

  • University degree (Bachelor) in English Language & Literature or Certificate of Proficiency C2 (License).

  • Certified training (Master’s Degree or/and Graduate Programme Certification, e-learning also acceptable) in the following fields: Pedagogy, Child Psychology, Learning-through-play (target group: pre-school / primary school students).

As a fast growing school in tune with the changes in education, we expect our teachers to be committed, reliable, proactive, adaptable and driven achievers, who will help the organisation achieve both its short and long-term goals. Being our partner means that they feel empathy for pupils’ needs, they are patient, determined and most of all, love their job as Teacher.

Cognitive flexibility, multi-tasking ability, excellent level of (self-) organisation, excellent classroom management skills, quality customer service, excellent IT skills, very good pronunciation of the language and attention to details are prerequisites as well.

Prior teaching experience is not necessary (on-the-job training will be offered), while innovative spirit, caring for the children’s well-being and willingness to learn will be much appreciated.

Applications close on 20/3/2016.

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